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The town of Horley is located in the Reigate and Banstead district of Surrey, England, south of Reigate and Redhill. The town is adjacent to Croydon and Gatwick Airport, while the county border with West Sussex lies to the south. Horley qualifies as a commuter town due to its regular connections to London from Horley railway station, as well as the bustling business parks and long high street. There are 20,000 people living in Horley. The area is predominantly residential and sits between the A23 and the main railway line. The majestic ancient buildings, historic landmarks, and breathtaking open spaces offer residents a harmonious mix of excitement and tranquility.

There are a number of well-known retail establishments in Horley along the High Street, as well as quirky independents like Sweet Vintage, which offers gifts and homeware, and Collingwood Batchellor, the town’s furniture department store. As for food shopping, Horley has a large Waitrose and a Lidl within walking distance of each other. Furthermore, Horley is a friendly municipality in Surrey with a strong sense of community, organizing fun events throughout the year. The Horley Carnival returned in 2013 and St George’s Day Parade is possibly the town’s most beloved event. A growing municipality like Horley, which requires reliable and efficient waste removal, will benefit from Horsham Waste Management’s practical and efficient solution to keep the municipality clean. Contact our customer service representatives today for a free, no-obligation quote. With the town’s population growth, an effective and dependable waste removal is needed. The services we offer can help increase the efficiency of your waste management operations while lowering the cost of collection services. Furthermore, we are conscious of our environmental obligations and aim to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible. Please give us a call on 01403 290 510. 

Commercial Waste Collection Horley

Taking advantage of our considerable experience and friendly team, we handle your waste according to the book. Throughout the collection and disposal process, we do all we can to recycle as much waste as possible. Offering you a wide range of incredibly cost-effective waste removal services, we take care of all your commercial waste collection needs. There are several vital pieces of legislation to protect us and our environment, including the Environmental Protection Act and EU legislation, yet not enough waste management companies follow those regulations. At Horsham Waste Management, we promise to recycle or repurpose at least 95% of the waste we collect.

Our company has a responsibility to minimise or completely eliminate the amount of waste we send to landfill once we have picked up your waste from your office. The Commercial Waste service we offer is suitable for any business, whether it is a local shop or a giant warehouse or a school or hospital. We can meet your business needs at any time of day, so any unexpected waste collection needs are never an issue.

This also allows us to ensure minimal disruption to your business, such as when you’re doing construction work outside of typical business hours.

Commercial Waste Disposal Horley

A waste disposal is a way of getting rid of waste. You have a duty of care as a business owner to ensure your waste is safely and securely disposed of. Recycling, composting, and incineration are some of the waste disposal options. There is also landfilling but it is the least environmentally friendly option and we try by all means to avoid it. We also offer free waste bins to make your waste disposal that much easier for you. The right containers for your business waste are critical to managing your waste efficiently. To ensure that your waste does not remain on-site for longer than necessary, our company can provide you with both containers and regular and efficient collection services. This number of collections may also be adjusted depending on your needs.

Please note, residents can take their recyclables to Earlswood Community Recycling Centre located at Horley Rd, Redhill RH1 6PN.

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