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Food Waste Management Horsham

Need to find a reliable and affordable waste removal company in Horsham? We have all the solutions you need for managing food waste. As an additional service, our company offers free bins, free delivery, as well as the choice of whether you want garbage picked up daily, weekly, or monthly.

In our company, you will find reliability, professionalism, and effectiveness. Whenever you need us, please call 01403 290 510. You can count on us. Our goal is to halve food waste by 2030, in partnership with companies like yours.

What is Food Waste Management?

Recycling, reducing, and disposing of food waste are all part of food waste management. The term “food waste” is generally applied to any discarded food. Whether you own an eatery or a restaurant, you may have leftovers from customers, fruit and vegetable peels, food that went bad, or bruised fruit and vegetables. These foods often can still be consumed when we discard them. A piece of waste from someone else can serve as a hearty meal for another.

In the event that your company does not specialize in food production, but produces significant amounts of food waste over time, you are required by law to hire a waste management company and have safe food waste management practises in place. The reason for this is that waste management companies have the training and license necessary to deal with food waste responsibly and without causing harm to our environment and people. Each year, businesses release at least 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere.

Our team will be able to provide you with all the food waste management solutions you require at any time. Through anaerobic digestion and composting, we’ll make sure that your food is recycled.

Food Recycling Through Anaerobic Digestion

One waste management strategy practiced all over the world is food waste recycling. Recycling is a process whereby materials that would otherwise be discarded are reprocessed to create reusable products, such as energy, biodiesel, electricity, car parts, reusable glass bottles, cardboard, plastic products, steel, aluminum, etc. 

By definition, anaerobic processes involve burning food waste under high temperatures and without oxygen. In the food recycling process, food waste is collected from your chosen premises and delivered to recycling plants where anaerobic digestion will take place. Using high temperatures, food waste is broken down in an enclosed space so that the gases are not released into the atmosphere. It is an environmentally friendly and safe method of disposing of food waste. Using anaerobic digestion as a source of renewable energy is cost-effective and efficient.

A greenhouse gas called methane is produced when food decomposes. Using the anaerobic digestion process, we can collect this gas and use it to fuel our cars and light up our homes.

Diverting Food Waste From Landfills

Food placed in landfills may release gases such as methane into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. In a 20-year period, food scraps in landfills release a large amount of methane gas, which can be up to 84 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. The decomposition of food waste at landfills may also release toxic leachates that contaminate groundwater.

Our company practices a zero landfill policy. Our aim is to recycle as much waste as we can. Furthermore, we offer free bins, free and obligation-free quotes, and a waste transfer note so you can keep a record of everything.

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