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Glass waste Recycling Horsham

We offer a variety of options for handling glass waste here at Horsham Waste. When you hire our service, you can rest assured that everything will be done correctly. Furthermore, we will ensure that your business is in compliance with Duty of Care rules and encourage green initiatives within your company in addition to offering environmentally friendly glass waste services.

We provide cost-effective, eco-friendly waste management solutions. Furthermore, we will provide you with free bins, excellent customer service, and the option to select the time when your glass waste is collected. If you want to change the frequency, you can. Our collections are available every day, every week, or every month. Call us on 01403 290 510.

What is Glass Recycling?

The process of recycling glass involves creating new glass products from old and used materials. Glass consumption and waste have grown dramatically over the past few years. Currently, we recycle 71% of container glasses such as bottles and jars in the United Kingdom, making glass waste recycling rates one of the highest. Our company will help you divert 90 percent of your glass waste from landfills. We have a zero landfill waste policy and recycle at least 95% of the glass waste we collect.

We usually collect two main types of waste glass: coloured and colourless. It is easy to recycle colourless glass waste, but less so for coloured glass waste. As a result, glass waste of this type is often sent to landfills. The fact that glass cannot biodegrade makes landfills an unsustainable option. Holborn Waste, besides being environmentally conscious, strives to provide eco-friendly solutions.

How is Glass Recycled

Getting started with glass recycling begins with collection. You can schedule a pick-up time that works for you for glass waste. We then transport it to waste recycling plants. Recycling plants will clean the glass to remove impurities, and sort it based on its color and grade. Glasses with the same color are recycled together because they have the same chemical composition.

Then, to remove any impurities, it is washed. Following that, it will be smashed and melted, then shaped into new containers like jars and bottles. Waste glass can also be used for other purposes, such as brick manufacturing or decorative purposes.

As compared to creating glass from the original materials, this process is significantly cheaper. In addition,recycling glass is the most sustainable method of managing glass waste.

Why is Glass Recycling Important?

There are some glass materials that cannot be recycled, however all glass bottles and jars can be recycled. Recycling glass, nonetheless, represents a very underrated way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while depolluting the planet. The benefits of recycling glass are numerous. One glass bottle recycled can produce enough energy to power a light bulb for four hours.

Furthermore, recycling glass reduces the volume of waste in landfills. It is unfortunate that waste glass that can be recycled ends up in landfills despite its recycling potential. With recycling glass waste, can be used to fabricate a wide variety of items.

Recycling glass also limits the negative impact waste has on the environment. Ash, soda, sand and limestone are the natural ingredients used to manufacture new glass. The only problem is that digging up limestone, also called quarrying, is very energy-intensive and may produce harmful gasses in the atmosphere. In addition to using less energy, recycling glass to create new glass requires no quarrying, which significantly reduces air pollution.

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