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Trying to find a medical waste management solution in Horsham? You can manage your clinical waste with the help of Horsham Waste Company’s resources. The law requires clinicians, hospitals, and other healthcare service providers to have professional solutions for managing medical waste on hand. Call us on 01403 290 510. Following the Covid pandemic, medical waste volume increased rapidly, which also increased the need to safely manage medical waste. 

In order to safely and securely store medical waste, we will provide you with bins for storing it. The handling of medical waste has to be done by professionals because the waste can be hazardous.

What is Medical Waste Management?

In the healthcare industry, medical waste consists of all types of waste, such as those generated in research centers, medical laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, old age homes, and so on. Regulations, rules, regulations, laws, and by-laws govern all of these types of waste. Their purpose is to prevent mishandling of medical waste. The consequences of doing so might include heavy fines, the closure of your business, or even imprisonment.

Approximately 75–90% of wastes generated by healthcare providers are defined as general wastes. Wastes of this nature are categorized as “general healthcare” or “non-hazardous.” Neither our health nor the health of our animals is at risk due to these types of waste. The remaining 10-25 percent are deemed hazardous wastes. Depending on their origin, these can be classified as infectious wastes, sharps wastes, radioactive wastes, chemical wastes, cytotoxic wastes and pharmaceutical wastes.

Hazardous Medical Waste Descriptions

Infectious Waste

Waste containing viable microorganisms or their toxins can transmit diseases from one person to another; infectious waste is essentially the kind of waste that becomes infectious when it gets into the environment.

Sharps Waste

As the name implies, sharps waste is a type of biomedical waste composed of used “sharps” such as instruments that puncture the skin or objects that lacerate it. Think scalpels, syringes, needles, lancets. 

Radioactive Waste

Radioactive medical waste includes waste resulting from nuclear medicine and radiation therapy. Waste generated from Nuclear Medicine procedures, unused seeds from radiation therapy implants, and contaminated materials and syringes are some of the items in this category.

Chemical Waste 

Waste liquids, such as batteries, disinfectants, and machine waste. However, only WHO classifies the waste type as part of the medical waste category. 

Cytotoxic wastes

Medicines that cause cytotoxicity and/or cytostasis or items contaminated with toxic or cancer-causing medications.

Pharmaceutical wastes

Any medical waste, including expired, unused, contaminated, damaged or no longer needed medicines, is considered pharmaceutical waste.

Horsham Medical Waste Management Best Practices 

Medical waste handling is something we are very familiar with when it comes to implementing best practices. Depending on the hazard level of your medical waste, we will provide you with the appropriate bins to separate it. Sharp bins, for example, should hold only sharp materials such as needles, syringes, fingerstick devices, epipens, etc.

Business owners certainly have a lot to deal with. Waste management should not add to your stress.

There can be no exception when it comes to the placement of medical waste in landfills or places that do not have a licence to do so. We will ensure that your medical waste ends up where it is supposed to be and nowhere near landfills. Therefore, you do not need to worry because we know just how to handle the waste that you produce. Your medical waste.

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