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Paper Waste Management Horsham

Horsham Waste company offers paper waste management at affordable rates in and around Horsham. Simply call 01403 290 510. Our recycling and waste management services are of the highest quality. Our team looks forward to getting you an opportunity to see why we are an affordable, professional, and environmentally friendly waste management solution.

We will offer you recycling wheelie bins and deliver them to your place of business at no charge. Are you wondering what our paper recycling program would cost you? For a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us.

How is Paper Waste Created?

Every year, businesses and companies generate tons of paper waste. Since most businesses operate on paper, this comes as no surprise. In addition, there are places that print, sell, and produce magazines, newspapers, and other paper material, which can also generate paper waste. Many businesses also use packaging in paper wrapper. Other ways in which paper waste is created in offices is through excessive printing, printing single-sided papers and printing paper for personal use. Statistics show that one office worker uses about 10 000 sheets of paper per year, and more than half of that paper ends up in the trash.

Managing Paper Waste Horsham

In order for our lands to be waste-free, it is imperative that we eliminate, reduce, or recycle paper waste. There are as many problems with paper waste as with plastic waste. Additionally, it is not biodegradable. It can take many years for it to decompose, which can lead to harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere, which will exacerbate global warming.

Today, more waste is generated than ever before because the world is changing and evolving, paper in particular. Hence, it is necessary to manage paper waste, particularly for businesses. Recycling is one of the ways in which paper waste can be reduced.

Paper Waste Recycling Horsham

Recyclage of paper consists of reprocessing the waste paper to create new white papers, newsprint, office papers, or cardboard materials from the recycled paper. Recyclable paper waste is collected, sorted, pulped, de-inkaded, and reformed into a new paper. We will collect the waste paper from your premises where it will be transported to the recycling plant. The paper waste will be separated at the recycling plant according to its type. This waste will then be combined with other paper wastes.

A soapy water wash is used to clean off any impurities, such as ink, plastic, adhesive, and staples. Water and chemicals are then mixed with the paper waste to create a slurry or a large mixture of recycled paper from which actual paper products such as newspapers, cardboard, or office paper are produced. Following the pulping process is the filtering phase, during which contaminants are removed. 

Various types of screens are used to remove contamination from pulp, including bits of plastic and globs of glue. The pulp may be spun around in huge cone-shaped cylinders if it still contains heavy contaminants like staples. A conveyor belt is then used to dry the slurry, which is then spread into thin sheets to make it easier to make other papers.

Why Recycle Waste Paper Horsham

In a world where our consumption is unchecked, our natural resources would disappear, and we still need them in order to continue living. The following are some benefits of recycling paper waste:

  • Paper products made from recycled paper are more affordable and easier to make.
  • It contributes to the preservation of our forests. You can save between 17 and 24 trees for every paper recycled!
  • Furthermore, it reduces air pollution
  • Saves energy. Compared to making fresh paper from trees, recycling paper requires considerably less energy..
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