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Plastic Waste Management Horsham

Do you need to manage your plastic waste with a company that’s on top of the latest waste management technologies?  It is our goal to manage your plastic waste in an eco-friendly, cost-effective way, by employing the right tools, manpower, and expertise we possess. Additionally, we work towards no landfill waste, which means none of the waste we collect ends up in landfills.

Your business – regardless of its size or capacity – can benefit from our services. To meet all your plastic waste disposal needs, we have experienced, friendly staff available 24/7. You will also receive free bins, free bin deliveries, and anytime waste collection from us. Here at Horsham, plastic waste management is one of the ways we promote sustainability. Call us on  01403 290 510. 

What is Plastic Waste Management?

A plastic waste consists of all materials made from plastics that are discarded because they are no longer useful. Almost everything that we buy comes in plastic, and once it’s been used, the plastic package is thrown away, creating pollution through plastic waste. Our company will help you understand how to maximize plastic waste management practices and reduce the amount of plastic waste our company generates.

Thus, for businesses and individuals to help minimise the pollution caused by plastic, they must implement sustainable waste management practices. Our sustainable plastic waste management solutions will help you reuse and recycle plastic material and prevent the material from going to landfills.

Major Causes of Plastic Waste?

The use of plastic is global, and it is one of the cheapest and most durable materials available. As plastic is so inexpensive and durable, it is easier just to throw it away, since you can always buy another for a much lower price.


Decomposition of plastic waste is another major contributor to pollution from plastic waste. Every item of plastic ever created is still out there somewhere, whether it’s in our landfills or our oceans.

Growth in population: The more people there are, the more cheap packaging material is required, resulting in more plastic use. 

Plastic Waste Recycling

In order to combat plastic pollution, recycling plastic might be the best solution. Circular economies are also built on recycling. Here are the steps involved in recycling plastic:

The first step is to collect the plastic waste from your premises. Using a plastic waste recycling wheelie bin, you can separate plastic waste from other types of waste, such as food, paper, and cardboard. You can obtain a free plastic waste recycling wheelie from Horsham Waste, and we can deliver it directly to your business.

Once we have collected your waste, we will transport it to our recycling plants, where it will begin to be recycled. The recycling centers then sort it to ensure all contaminants, such as food, oil, and papers, have been removed. After the plastic is shredded, it is melted to create new plastic products.

World pollution is largely caused by plastic. With our plastic waste management services, we provide businesses with the best possible plastic recycling solutions. Our plastic waste management services are efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.

Reusing Plastic Waste 

Another easiest way to ensure that plastic waste is managed is to re-use it. Some types of plastic materials, such as plastic wraps and straws, are not recyclable. It is important that plastic of this type is carefully stored for collection, and that it is disposed of responsibly after collection. That is why it is important to use a licensed company such as Horsham Waste. 

The use of plastic recycling for plastic management has grown tremendously over the past few decades. Our Horsham waste management company can help your business implement an effective recycling plan.

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